Party Ideas

Party ideas for your next bachelor party, birthday party or just a fun event. Make your party a memorable event for all your friends and family, rent one of our Sumo Suits party packages, a great idea for any party.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties are often very notorious for drinking, womanising, pranks and the possible outcomes of spending time in the police cells and relationship problems. The stereotype for a bachelor party usually involves consuming large amounts of alcohol, hiring strippers or dancers, going to a strip club, and general rowdiness including embarrassing the groom to be by putting him in compromising and public situations – these all form part of a general list of bachelor party ideas.

But why not make it a more enjoyable occasion for all involved. In recent years, the trend has been to rather have bachelor party weekends where the groom and friends go away for a fishing trip, or river rafting, or having a one night event with a braai or all-night video games. For events like these, you can also add bachelor party games to the list of activities.

A list of bachelor party games can involve anything from paintball, quad biking, go kart racing, dirt karting, but these all need to be enjoyed at another venue. Why not do something at the party?

Enter Sumo Suit Wrestling. Each participant wears a padded sumo suit and then like proper sumo fighters you and your opponent pit your wrestling skills against each other, and the good thing is – since you are wearing a padded sumo suit, no one gets hurt. Rent one of our sumo suit packages, and be prepared for hours of rip roaring fun

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